Cheeze Copper Mine

Location: Cheeze copper mine is located 300 km West of Tehran, 100 km NW of Qazvin in a mountain area.

معدن مس چیزه

Location of mine marked with “star”.


The mean height of mine is 2100 meters above sea level, maximum 2250 meters, minimum 1950 meters.


Rock type:

Host rock: andesite tuff, karadj formation, Eocene age


Ore type:

Oxide copper mainly malachite



Open pit mining

Prospective reservoir: over 20 million tons

Proved reservoir: over 14 million tons

Assay of ore: 1.5 %


O/W: 1:4

The stairs height: 10 meters

Mining width of stairs: 4 meters

Slope stairs: 70 degrees

Push backs: 5

Diameter hole in ore: 76 mm

Diameter hole in waste: 105 mm

Annual Ore extraction: over 1,000,000 tons

Annual waste extraction: over 4,000,000 tons


دور نمای معدن مس چیزه

طرح سه بعدی استخراج معدن

three-dimension mine plan

Mine road:

Width of the road: 18 meters

Maximum slope of the mine road: 10O



Mine to crusher: 1500 meters

Mine to waste depot: 500-1000 meters

نحوه کانی سازی